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SUPER September!

Daily Programming Schedule

September 2012

September really is going to be SUPER!  We are starting daily programming on September 2nd!  We have a lot of wonderful activities planned that you and your children can enjoy during your visit to Savannah Children’s Museum’s Exploration Station!  We invite you to print a copy and put it on your fridge… you don’t want to miss all the fun ahead!  We will also have copies available at the gift shop that you can take home with you 🙂

Fall Hours of Operation

As you may also know, our hours of operation will also change as of September 2nd.  Click HERE to see what the new hours will be!


We are also hosting a fabulously MAGICAL event on September 8th from 5-7pm called FROGwarts!   It’s our very own twist on a familiar book/movie series that you surely don’t want to miss!  The cost is only $5 for a member family ($5 covers up to 5 people!) and $7.50 per person for non-members.
To get more information and to pre-register for FROGwarts, click HERE!

See you soon!

We can’t wait to celebrate the whole month of September with you!
If you have any questions, please email info@savannahchildrensmuseum.org
Thank you,

Liz Comparetto

Director of Children’s Education
Coastal Heritage Society

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It’s hard to believe that September is only a few short days away!  We have had such a marvelous time sharing Savannah Children’s Museum’s Exploration Station with thousands of visitors this summer.  It has been a pleasure to watch all of you enjoy the space!  We have finalized the fall hours schedule, considering thoughtful and valuable feedback from our guests.

Drum roll please!

Beginning on September 2nd our new FALL HOURS are:

Sunday: 12-5

Monday: 9-5

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: By appointment

Thursday: 9-5

Friday: 9-5

Saturday: 9-5

We are so excited to be offering daily programming Thursday-Monday starting on Sunday, September 2nd as well!  See below for more information on our exciting programming plans!


As the Director of Children’s Education, I have had a marvelous time learning about how visitors use Exploration Station.  Every day brings new ideas, new challenges and successes, and new possibilities.  It has been my plan since before opening to develop a monthly calendar of daily programming.  There was a lot of observing and learning that I had to do before I felt we were ready to offer this type of programming.

I am incredibly pleased to let everyone know that the fantastic staff of Savannah Children’s Museum and I have been working hard on developing an amazing month of programming at Exploration Station!  Starting September 2nd, we will offer daily arts programming and 3 daily story-times including 2 for our ‘Little Explorers’ (ages 1-5) and one for our ‘Big Explorers’ (ages 5-10).  We will also have backyard science, fitness, and exhibit-based programming during the week.  All daily programming will be included in your admission price or membership unless otherwise noted on the calendar.

Speaking of the calendar- I’m sure you want to see it!  It has been finalized for the month of September and is currently being reviewed by our Marketing Department before being made public.  As soon as it is ready to be posted on your refrigerator, I will make it available to you!!

Thank you again for all of your support!

~Liz Comparetto


Our sister-blog, Diary of a Museum: The Story of Savannah Children’s Museum is a great behind-the-scenes scoop on Exploration Station!

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If you’re anything like me, about a month before your child’s birthday you suddenly go into panic mode.  Where will we have the party?  What day and time?  Who should be invited?  Goody bags?  No goody bags?  Cake and ice cream?  Cupcakes?  And the biggest question of all… Theme?!

Savannah Children’s Museum offers fantastic, customizable birthday parties that are competitively priced and a unique alternative to the ‘big-box venues’.  CHS also has 2 other sites that offer birthday parties; Georgia State Railroad Museum and Old Fort Jackson!  The possibilities are endless and our team will work with you to make your child’s birthday party dreams come true!

If you’re interested in any of our birthday packages, you can simply email our events coordinator, Brittany Crawford, at bcrawford@chsgeorgia.org for all the information!

~Liz Comparetto


On the Day You Were Born

By: Debra Frasier

ISBN-10: 0152055673

This book hits the trifecta of great children’s books; it’s beautifully written, it has an easy rhythm to its words, and it teaches readers something new.  For parents, the immediate draw to this book is the timelessness of the story as well as the sweet nostalgia of the day your child was born.  For children, it shows the interconnectedness of life on this planet and how important THEY are to the world (with a science lesson built right in!)  This is a fantastic book to give as a gift- to new parents, to a young child, to a teenager, or even an adult.  I highly recommend that this story make its way to a bookshelf near you!


I’m going to share a true story with you… the story of the 3 Woody’s.  Woody is the beloved cowboy in the Toy Story movie series, as many of you know.  When my son, Vinnie, turned 3, we had a Toy Story themed birthday party.  Many of his guests brought Toy Story gifts for the big boy.  He was thrilled!  As he continued to open the generous gifts from loved ones, we realized that not only did he get 1 Woody blanket, not 2 Woody blankets, but THREE Woody blankets!  All identical and all very lovable.  It was in the moment of stunned laughter when he unwrapped the third and final Woody blanket that I realized something: From now on, I’m making a point to buy something unexpected and unique to give as birthday presents.

The big name stores all seem to carry the same stuff- Target, Walmart, and even Toys R Us- all have basically the same selection of toys as the others.  I started to look towards local gift shops.  Not only do I completely support local businesses, I also find that their selection is different in a very good way!  I know it’s fast and easy to swing by Target on the way to a birthday party to pick up something last minute, but it’s also just as easy to swing by a small, local business.  The gift shop at Georgia State Railroad Museum/Savannah Children’s Museum is a perfect example… they’re open 7 days a week and offer something that the big name stores don’t…unique gifts and the opportunity to support a local business.  Talk about a great buy!  


Our sister-blog, Diary of a Museum: The Story of Savannah Children’s Museum is a great behind-the-scenes scoop on Exploration Station!

Thank you! Until next week,


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