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I have been living with the assumption that we have two goblins living at our house.  One, ‘The Paci-Goblin’, moved out a few years ago when he successfully rid our home of pacifiers.  The other, ‘The Sock Goblin’, still lives with us and is hoarding individual socks in some mysterious place.  I actually dressed up as The Sock Goblin last year for Halloween!  I covered a hoodie jacket with the sad socks that had lost their partners.  Moms and Dads who saw me instantly ‘got it’ and burst into knowing laughter.  Every household understands the plight of The Sock Goblin!

What I never considered is that the socks are running away to join the circus!  Well, duh!  What sock wouldn’t want to be a part of a grand Sock Puppet Circus?  If I were a sock, I would have to be the lion-tamer… that is my chosen Sock Puppet Circus profession.

So, I’m guessing everyone reading this is questioning my sanity at this point.  I don’t blame you!  I’m completely serious, though.  Local Children’s Author, Nelson Elliot Gassman, has written a fantastically imaginative book entitled The Day the Sock Circus Came to Town and I just can’t get enough of it!  Make sure to keep reading to find out more about this book, get a link to the author’s bio, and find out how you and your family can be a part of Savannah Children’s Museum’s very own Sock Puppet Circus!  Hope to see you there!

~Liz Comparetto


The Day The Sock Circus Came to Town!

By: Nelson Elliot Gassman

This is a sweet and enjoyable book that children of all ages will enjoy.    Everyone wonders what happens to those missing socks that seemingly vanish before they can find their partner… and this creative story gives a fun answer to that question.  Of course!  They join the Sock Circus!  Make sure to head over to the book’s webpage to find out all kinds of information about the book, read author/illustrator bios, and order a copy for your bookshelf!  You can find the webpage by clicking here.


Are you ready for this?!  Savannah Children’s Museum is hosting its very own Sock Puppet Circus on July 21st from 4-7 pm as we celebrate the very first Hot Saturday Night at Exploration Station!  Children and their adults will get to create their very own sock puppets and enjoy circus-themed activities with their new-found sock friends at this after-hours event.  The price is only $5 for each member FAMILY (yep- a family of 5 is only $5!!!) and regular admission price of $7.50 per person for non members.

Click on this link to find out more information and to pre-register for this fun family event!

If you aren’t already a member of Savannah Children’s Museum, this is the perfect opportunity to join in the excitement!  Click here to join now!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Bubbling Bonuses

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